• Living In Harmony(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books)$12.95$11.95
    Living In Harmony(SGN Books) Images of Feng Shui for Stained Glass by Rachel Cecere You’ll find 16 full-size patterns featuring traditional images of Feng Shui that represent wealth, success, purity, prosperity, happiness and much more. Included are a turtle, ocean waves, Japanese plum blossom, Bonsai tree, a Phoenix, white tiger, nine fish, a dragon, a crane, and lotus blooms, among others. Cecere explains what each image means.
  • SunSeekers(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books)$12.95$11.95
    SunSeekers(SGN Books) Take a few shapes of glass, add some jewels and globs and you've got "Sunseekers". These full-sized designs are round, starburst suncatchers that are easy to make using basic stained glass skills. A color photo of each design is included.
  • Stained Glass FireScreens(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books)$12.95$11.95
    Stained Glass FireScreens(SGN Books) Patterns for decorative fireplace screens. Design themes include autumn, Victorian, Mackintosh, tree of life, garden gate, lily pond, mountain, abstract, lattice, and beveled traditional. Symmetrical, repetitive and single image patterns are presented in 3- and 4-panel frames. Detailed instruction is included. This is a book for intermediate crafters.
  • Red Hats(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books)$12.95$11.95
    Red Hats(SGN Books) Red Hats are everywhere… and now you can make a red stained glass hat for yourself or your “red hat” friends. Some of the full-size patterns are fancy and frilly; others are simple and can be embellished with feathers, beads, fabric, ribbon or whatever. Show one of these to your friends, and we bet you’ll be taking orders for more.
  • Wall Mirrors (SGN)$14.95$13.95
    A beautiful mirror can make quite a statement in your home by reflecting light and making your room seem larger. Judy Coleman provides you with many mirror choices (both shape and style) in this new book. Wall Mirrors (SGN)
  • PRAIRIE STYLE PANELS (SGN)$14.95$13.95
    A sequel (of sorts) to Scott’s Prairie Style Lampshades (SGN Publishing’s best selling title of all time), this collection focuses on smaller panels in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. These straight line designs are easy projects to cut and assemble. The panels (and suncatchers) can be hung in your windows or easily resized for entry doors, sidelights, transoms or cabinet doors. Eleven Prairie design themes are presented in four different sizes and shapes (horizontal, vertical, square and a suncatcher) for a total of 44 designs. PRAIRIE STYLE PANELS (SGN)
  • Fused Glass Fan Lamps (SGN)$14.95$13.95
    by Mary Loutsenhizer Looking for new projects to make in your kiln? In Fused Glass Fan Lamps, Mary Loutsenhizer gives you patterns for a dozen colorful projects that can be used as "fan lamps" or hung in the window as suncatchers. With 12 holiday and seasonal designs, you can display your creations for a month at a time and change them with the seasons. Tips and hints are included for creating these fused glass projects but basic fusing techniques are expected. Fused Glass Fan Lamps (SGN)
  • Candle Rings (SGN Books)$14.95$13.95
    by Jill Williams Bring a cozy glow to your home with Candle Rings and Complementary Box Lanterns. This new collection of full-size patterns from Jill Williams features 9 ring-shaped candle shelters with leaf and petal motifs. The design themes are repeated in the 9 box lanterns, also intended to be lighted with candles. The designs include: lily, oak, holly, rosebud, dogwood, sunflower, calla lily, tulip and bay leaf. Williams provides you with complete assembly instructions and each project is shown in a full color photograph on the cover Candle Rings (SGN Books)
  • Nostalgic Candleholders (SGN Books)$14.95$13.95
    by Kim Jorgensen The warm glow of candles can make your home feel cozier. Kim Jorgensen's newest book, Nostalgic Candleholders, continues her theme of incorporating glass nuggets and 3-D copper overlays with many of the simple patterns to create "nostalgic" projects. The majority of the 16 projects are simple enough to be completed in just an evening or two. Full-size patterns, five pages of instructions, materials lists and color photos of each project are included. Nostalgic Candleholders (SGN Books)
  • Fused Glass & Wood(SGN Books)$14.95$11.95
    by Don Greene A book that combines fused glass wildlife patterns with wood settings. Don provides patterns for creating a variety of small fused glass panels that look especially at home when placed into a wooden box lid or wooden frame. You'll find patterns for deer, bear, eagles and rainbow trout, as well as a butterfly, dragonfly and bumblebee. Instructions are included for both creating the fused animals, as well as preparing a wooden box to accept your finished panel. Many of the projects in Fused Glass & Wood Wildlife Projects make great gifts for those "hard-to-shop-for" guys in your life. Fused Glass & Wood(SGN Books)
  • Lava & Cube Lanterns(SGN Books)$14.95$13.95
    by Jill Williams These lantern patterns represent Jill Williams' ongoing exploration of lamp designs following the success of her previous book, Box Column Lanterns. These new shapes are eclectic yet tasteful and will add a great note of character and interest to any decor. The designs are inspired by a blend of arts and crafts motifs with modern, mid-century "lava lamp" stylings. The result is decorative lighting that is geometric and sculptural, yet tempered with sensitive line and detail. Lava & Cube Lanterns includes full-size patterns and instructions for 12 lanterns. Adding the electric to the lantern is made easy with instructions and clear illustrations. Lava & Cube Lanterns(SGN Books)
  • Starbursts$13.95
    by Scott Haebich If you've ever looked into a kaleidoscope, you've experienced the beauty created when a small design mirrors itself into an amazing burst of color and movement. You can now recreate these magical images with the patterns in Starbursts. Each of the 11 full-size patterns is about 24" in diameter and will fill your window with a bright splash of radiant colors.
  • Clearly Abstract(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Book)$12.95$11.95
    Clearly Abstract(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Book) A sequel to Kimberlee's popular book "In The Abstract", this new collection again features a variety of contemporary abstract designs. All patterns are shown full-size.
  • Coastal Lights$12.95$11.95
    by Lisa Rosochacki A collection of 7 lighthouse panel designs from the coasts of America. Each lighthouse is intended to be overlaid on a single piece of glass allowing for dramatic sky effects.
  • Contemporary Glass Boxes(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books)$12.95$11.95
    Contemporary Glass Boxes(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books) Unique square, rectangular, & triangular stained glass boxes with a contemporary flair. These boxes incorporate irregular shapes, wire accents, glass nuggets, and/or crystals.
  • Harbor Lights$12.95$11.95
    HARBOR LIGHTS by Lisa Rosochacki A collection of 10 lighthouse suncatcher patterns from the shores of America. Each lighthouse can be hung as a suncatcher, or overlaid on a simple background to add a little perspective.
  • In The Abstract(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Book)$12.95$11.95
    In The Abstract(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Book) A collection of visionary glass designs combining geometric shapes, organic lines & beveled glass. The 10 contemporary abstract designs cover a wide range of shapes & sizes.
  • More Celtric Designs$12.95$11.95
    by Rachel Cecere The sequel to Rachel's popular "Celtic Designs", this book offers 18 more designs adapted from the "Book of Kells" and the "Book of Durrow", as well as some original designs in the Celtic spirit.
  • Nostalgic Glass Boxes(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books)$12.95$11.95
    Nostalgic Glass Boxes(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books) 24 box patterns. They range in styles from antique to contemporary. Some are accented with glass globs and 3-D copper overlays. Five pages of instructions. A color photo of each box is included.
  • Prairie Style Lamp Shades & Lanterns(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books)$12.95$11.95
    Prairie Style Lamp Shades & Lanterns(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books)  Full-size patterns for five lampshades and four hanging lanterns are included. Three of the designs allow you to make matching lamp and lantern sets. Because the geometric designs consist of only straight lines, even the inexperienced crafter can successfully complete these projects.
  • Realistic Duck Decoys(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books)$16.95
    Realistic Duck Decoys(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books) Accurate representations of 16 ducks are featured, including a Mallard, Loon, Wood Duck, Pintails, Harlequin, & many more. These designs will appeal to duck lovers, hunters, & nature lovers.
  • Realistic Tropical Fish(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books)$12.95$11.95
    Accurate representations of 17 tropical fish are featured, including Moorish Idolfish, Twinspot Wrasse, Eyestripe Surgeonfish, Achilles Tang, Saddleback Butterflyfish & many others.
    3- IN STOCK
  • World War 2 Fighter Planes(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books)$12.95$11.95
    World War 2 Fighter Planes(SGN Stained Glass Pattern Books) Realistic patterns for 24 popular flying machines. Included are the P40 Warhawk, P38 Lightning, P47 Thunderbolt, F6F Hellcat, A5M Zero, P51 Mustang, the Spitfire and many more.


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