• A Gallery of Suncatchers$16.95$12.95

    by Karla Weaver
    Limited Qty's
    Assorted suncatcher designs to brighten your windows and delight your soul!

  • A Gallery of Winners (CKE)$18.95$14.95
    NEW! Limited Qtys. Here are the winners of the design contest sponsored by CKE Publications. A potpourri of 43 original panel designs to be enlarged. Pirates, women, masks, florals, landscapes, animals and more.
  • Building W/ Bevels 2 By Anna Verbsky Sagami$18.95$15.95
    IN STOCK Page after page of new & refreshing ways to use standard bevels. Create beautiful 3-dimensional table top display cubes, candleholders & vases. Thorough instructions & how-to photos. 36 pages, 4 in full color. At AMERICAN STAINED GLASS COMPANY
  • 10piecesorless
    10 Pieces or Less$14.95

    8-books in stock

    by Carolyn Kyle & Laura Tayne
    A collection of 27 striking designs of flowers, animals, fish, traditional styles and more, all using only 10 pieces of glass or less. 36 pages, 4 in full color.

  • 15pieces
    15 Pieces or Less$14.95

    11-books in stock

    by Carolyn Kyle & Laura Tayne
    A collection of 27 striking designs of flowers, animals, fish, 
    al styles and more, all using only 15 pieces of glass or less. 36 pages, 4 in full colortradition.

  • 20pieces
    20 Pieces or Less$14.95

    by Carolyn Kyle and Laura Tayne
    Simple, fast, and charming. Each panel features 20 pieces or less and appear far more detailed due to careful glass selection and techniques such as wire overlays and solder fills. You can even add a border to enhance each design. Color photographs. A wide variety of over 25 pattern choices. Most designs are full sized.

    7-books in stock

  • 25pieces
    25 Pieces or Less$14.95

    14 books in stock

    by Carolyn Kyle and Laura Tayne
    Look what you can do with 25 pieces or less! 22 exciting full size patterns for small panels up to 10" x 13". Each is nicely drawn with individual instructions and full color photo.

  • 30piecesorless
    30 Pieces or Less$14.95

    20 books in stock

    by Carolyn Kyle and Laura Tayne 

    The latest edition in this popular series by Carolyn Kyle and Laura Tayne. Included are 34 full size stained glass designs, each containing less than 31 pieces. Subjects include penguins, butterflies, leaves, cyclist, poodle, lantern, space shuttle, rainbow, lava lamp, shells, flowers, dragonfly, sandpipers, and others. All are shown in full color

  • A Dog Show in Stained Glass$14.95$12.95

    by Bob Schneider
    24 full-size patterns of classic canines for desk sets, trophies, dresser caddies & night lights. Realistic designs for a Boxer, St. Bernard, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Scottish Terrier, Beagle, Dalmation, English Bulldog, Collie, Basset, Cocker Spaniel, Greyhound, Doberman, Great Dane, Dachshund, Wire Hair Terrier, & Boston Terrier.

  • A Mosaic Christmas$14.95$12.95

    by Dione Roberts

    Festive ornaments, fan lamps, frames & holiday scenes...all in mosaics! Build 1 in an afternoon & enjoy for many holidays to come. Great for gifts or treat yourself to fresh decor. 32 pages, all projects shown in color.

  • Abstracts$18.95

    By Judy Miller
    Bright & bold abstract designs from international artists. Beautiful use of bright colors, textures & shapes. 58 black & white designs with 3 fold-out patterns. 72 pages, 8 in full color.

  • All Though The Night$14.95$12.95

    By Teny Nudson

    Fast & easy night lights to softly illuminate any area. Toys, animals, flowers, butterflies, fruit & more. Includes good instructions. 36 pages, 4 in full color.

  • Americana Past And Present$15.95$12.95

    By: Suzan Vrba-Stacy

    31 designs to be enlarged that celebrate a little bit of what America is all about - those things that create the country we call home. A colorful, eclectic collection of Stars & Stripes, quilt patterns, welcome arches, mirrors, celebrating the seasons, a Ludo game board, and more treasures!

  • Animal Kingdom$14.95$10.00

    By Leslie Gibbs

    Beautifully realistic designs of animals in the wild including many cats, a giraffe, zebra, gorilla, rhinoceros, baby elephant & more. All designs shown in full color. 36 pages, 4 in color.

  • Art Nouveau Stained Glass$14.95
  • Australian Bush Beauties$14.95

    By Jillian Sawyer

    A treasury of birds, wildlife, & flowers from down under. Anatomically correct parrot, Koalas, kangaroos, orchids, butterflies, frogs, & more. 34 pages, 6 in color.

  • CKEBirdsandFlowers
  • Bush Beauties - Collector's Edition$19.95$15.95

    Bush Beauties Collectors Edition
    by Jillian Sawyer
    Australian flora and fauna stained glass suncatchers. (This book is a combination of most designs from two previous, now out-of-print titles.)

  • A Creative Christmas$16.95$14.95
    By Cindy Bowman


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