Clear & Patterned Architectural Glass

Transform your meeting room or a house’s foyer with our architectural glass. This type of glass is used in construction and interior design projects due to its clear, light control, and decorative capabilities. With more than 20 years of experience, American Stained Glass has offered an extensive selection of patterns and designs that suit any project, budget, and style preference.

From water and floral textures to bright and dark colors, our architectural glass is available in different patterns for elegance, privacy, and subtle light control. Contact us for more information about our clear, patterned items or to request a custom design.

Aesthetic Impact & Use

Add personality and style to any room when installing patterned glass. Our wide selection of clear architectural items can be used in various applications, including cabinets, windows, sidelights, screens, and entry doors. From floral motifs and shapes to Corinthian and Baroque styles, our glass products are perfect for adding sophistication and elegance to any commercial or residential space.

Using architectural glass can significantly impact any project’s overall design and aesthetic. For instance, clear textures lend movement to simple installations and as backgrounds to stained glass sheets or panels. Additionally, some types of glass are energy-efficient and help reduce power bills by minimizing heat loss.

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